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28 June 2016

RCGP publishes new edition of General Practice Specialty Training: making it happen

The RCGP has just published a new edition of this practical guide for trainers and clinical and educational supervisors. Edited by Sanjiv Ahluwalia and Abdol Tavabie, it includes contributions from highly experienced individuals renowned in this field.

 This authoritative book supports both trainees and their trainers in understanding and delivering the curriculum and assessment requirements for completion of GP specialty training and is a key resource for anyone involved in supporting future GPs.

 Full details can be found on the RCGP website.

 Bulk purchase offer

Should you wish to place an order for 20 copies or more for trainers and educators in your area, please email bookshop@rcgp.org.uk or call 020 3188 7495 to claim a 20% discount.

 The same offer applies to our other key texts for GP training and education:

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