Subscription rates

Annual subscription rates

Subscription rates (2021)

In November 2020 we alerted Members and Fellows to a rise in the cost of our annual subscription to AoME. The table below represents the new rates payable from 1 January 2021. Prior to this Academy membership fees had not increased since 2010. In addition, in 2016 rates were simplified with all Members and Fellows paying either the higher or lower rate depending on salary. This streamlining resulted in an overall reduction in subscription costs.

You can now pay by Direct Debit. You will find the Direct Debit mandate in the Members Area.  You will be able to pay your subscription annually or in four quarterly installments (installment amounts in barckets below), however, please note that the quarterly payment plan is not available for the first year’s subscription or for outstanding invoices. You may select this option so that future years’ subscriptions are collected in four instalments, but payment for any outstanding invoice will be taken in full. See full terms and conditions of membership.

  Salary £60k and above
Salary £59k and below
Fellowship £199 (4 x £49.75) £99 (4 x £24.75)
Membership £165 (4 x £41.25) £81 (4 x £20.25)
Associate membership £66 (£4 x £16.50) £51 (4 x £12.75)
Student membership £25 (flat rate)  

Income tax relief in respect of annual membership subscriptions

Academy membership subscriptions have been approved for Income Tax relief under Section 344 of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003. This applies to UK members who are in employment. Members must pay the full Academy subscription rate and claim relief from HM Revenue & Customs.

If there are any queries members should refer to HM Revenue & Customs Head Office Reference: CB/T1644/19/2008/JEM