Revised Professional Standards for Medical Educators

Revised Professional Standards for Medical Educators 2021

The Academy's 2014 Professional Standards for Medical Educators have been used by multi-professional educators and the Academy alike to underpin and empower personal and professional development as an educator. Membership or Fellowship of the Academy is an independent judgement that an educator is meeting these professional standards and is a valued and recognised esteem measure. 
The Professional Standards Committee of the Academy includes experts across the continuum of education. The Committee proposed a revised, refreshed and expanded Standards framework. This acknowledges the increasing breadth and depth of educational skills and behaviours required for sustainable and safe clinical care.
All members in good standing, along with stakeholders including regulators, colleges, HEIs, associations, learned societies and other bodies representing those currently or potentially affected by or benefitting from our Professional Standards were invited to take part in the consultation which took place in summer 2020. You can read a summary of the survey responses in our 2019/20 annual report. The principal proposed changes were:
- The addition of Principal Fellowship, recognising the highest levels of strategic and systems leadership as an educator. Principal Fellowship holders will typically demonstrate senior leadership roles within and across systems. This is underpinned by a new (fourth) level of activity across all domains.
- Renaming of the Educational Research and Scholarship domain to Educational Scholarship and evidence-based practice, acknowledging the rise in scholarship as a distinct entity from research.
- An expanded suite of standards in Educational Management and Leadership, recognising the increasing complexity and importance of leadership in contemporary clinical education.
Every other Standard was scrutinised, refreshed and updated.
At the Academy's AGM on 20 April 2021 a motion was carried to accept the renewed standards. You can view the presentation by the co-chairs of the Professional Stanbdards Committee, Professor Alan Denison and Dr Melvyn Jones here, and the revised Standards document can be downloaded here.