Prizes and Awards


The Academy of Medical Educators presents a number of prizes and awards each year.
Honorary Fellowship is the highest award of the Academy of Medical Educators. The award is intended for exceptional individuals whose contributions are often internationally recognised and who have made a significant contribution to medical education. See a list of all of our Honorary Fellows here.
The Academy welcomes nominations for Honorary Fellowship from all Members and Fellows in good standing. Please log in to the members' area for further details and to make a nomination.
At DEMEC 2017 in November we were delighted to award Honorary Fellowships to Professor Peter Donnelly, Professor Tim Dornan, Professor Jenny Higham and Professor Ed Peile. To read more about them and download the Awards booklet 2017 here.


 Peter Donnelly  Tim Dornan crop 636492162005516488
 Professor Peter Donnelly  Professor Tim Dornan
 Jenny Higham crop 636492155458317475 Ed Peile crop 636492157133732753
Professor Jenny Higham   Professor Ed Peile
The President’s Medal is presented to an individual who has made an exceptional and sustained contribution to medical education and who will not usually have achieved recognition previously by other medical education organisations at a national or international level. The 2017 medal was awarded to the late Vicky Osgood, in recognition of all her achievements in medical education, and awarded to her husband Dr Danny Dubois. The President paid tribute to Vicky and conveyed the medical education comunity's respect for her and sadness at her death earlier in 2017.  
You can make a nomination for future President's Medals by visiting the members' area  
The Gold Medal of the Academy of Medical Educators is awarded occasionally to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the Academy's work raising standards in medical education. Professor Derek Gallen The President was delighted to award the Gold Medal to Professor Derek Gallen in recognition of and gratitude for his commitment and dedication to the Academy since its inception in 2006 and his tremendous achievements as President from 2014 to 2017.  Derek Gallen crop 636492731686459693


Members and Fellows. The President and Registrar were also very pleased that a number of new Members and Fellows attended the evening to receive their certificates.   
 Abdelrahman Ibrahim crop 636492736802360665  Lynne Sykes crop 636492735436779758  Venkat Kotamraju crop 636492733960501786  Chile Ogugua crop 636492736066915991  Sailesh Krishnan crop 636492734452748210  Rachel Isba crop 636492734888984074
L - R Abdelrahman Ibrahim MAcadMEd, Lynne Sykes MAcadMEd, Venkat Kotamraju MAcadMEd, Chile Ogugua MAcadMEd, Sailesh Mohana Krishnan MAcadMEd, Rachel Isba FAcadMEd