Objectives and plans

Objectives and plans

Under its Articles of Association, the objects for which the Academy is established are the advancement of medical education for the public benefit in particular by:

  1. the development of a curriculum and qualification system;
  2. undertaking research for the continuing development of professional medical education; and
  3. the promotion and dissemination of best practice in medical education.

The Academy of Medical Educators is a multiprofessional body.  It is the professional organisation, working nationally and internationally, for all those involved in medical education – the education and training of students and practitioners in medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science. It aims to provide leadership, promote standards and support all those involved in the academic discipline of medical education.

The work of medical educators directly contributes to the improvement of health care, the relief of sickness and the preservation of good health. Quite simply, the more effectively medical educators are able to impart the required skills and knowledge to students, doctors, vets and dentists, the more safe, able and competent those people will be when putting those skills into practice.

The AoME recognises that medical education has some elements that are distinct from teaching in higher education in general because of the central place that patient care occupies not only in teaching and learning but also in assessment and feedback, and in quality assurance.

Through its Professional Standards, which serve as a guide to curriculum development, the Academy provides a recognised framework so that those in education can demonstrate expertise and achievements in medical education through accreditation as a medical teacher to an agreed national standard.

Annual Reports for each year since the foundation of the Academy may be downloaded here.

Public benefit

The Council, comprising the Trustees of the Academy, has referred to the guidance in the Charity Commission’s general guidance on Public Benefit when reviewing its aims and objectives and in planning the Academy’s future activities. In particular, the Council considers how planned activities will contribute to the aims and objectives it has set.

The Academy is founded on the recognition that the development and improvement of the training of medical practitioners will be to the benefit of the health of the general public. The Academy’s activities in furtherance of the objects defined above directly address the maintenance and improvement of standards of medical training and practice, to the direct benefit of patients.

The Academy’s activities are open to all who are able to benefit from them. Special rates are offered to students. Council does not consider there to be detriment from its activities or work.