Membership Grades

Membership Grades

 choice of membership grades to suit applicants at all levels of career development

There are five* membership grades available depending on your involvement and level of career development in medical education. See full guidance on applying for each grade here.

Membership recognises demonstrated commitment and achievement as a medical educator across all domains of the Professional Standards. This will normally exceed Level 1 of the standards and will meet most of the domains at Level 2 standard. Membership entitles the individual to use the post-nominals MAcadMEd. 
Membership can be gained through making a full application or through the Academy’s Accreditation or Accreditation Plus schemes.

Fellowship of the Academy recognises significant commitment, expertise and achievement as a medical educator, in the same way as Fellowship of a Royal College signifies craft knowledge and skills. The achievement demonstrated by Fellows generally exceeds Level 2, with significant achievement at Level 3. Fellowship entitles the individual to use the post-nominals FAcadMEd.

Please note that there are two paths with which you can apply for Fellowship:

  1. by demonstrating achievement in all five domains of the Professional Standards.
  2. by demonstrating substantial achivement in a single domain of the Professional Standards. Please note application through the single domain route is the most common reason a Fellowship application is sent back by our assessors for revision. Please read the guidance carefully if you are considering this route, and do not heisitate to contact the Academy if you would like to discuss.

Principal Fellowship recognises the highest levels of sustained and effective commitment, strategic leadership and achievement as a medical educator. Principal Fellowship holders will typically demonstrate significant strategic leadership within and across systems and may have a national or international profile. The achievement demonstrated by Principal Fellows generally exceeds Level 3, with significant achievement at Level 4. Principal Fellowship holders are entitled to use the post-nominals PFAcadMEd. *Application for Principal Fellowship is currently only available to existing Fellows of the Academy, but will be opened to all educators in 2023.

 Members, Fellows and Principal Fellows vote in elections and may stand for office.

Student Membership is aimed at undergraduates who already have an interest in medical education and wish to show their support for the Academy’s objectives and values. Students may apply to convert to Associate or full Membership after graduation. 

Associate Membership recognises individuals who demonstrate a developing interest in medical education. To be recognised as an Associate Member, individuals must demonstrate a professional commitment to the core values and an understanding of the key responsibilities of medical educators. Associate Members may meet some elements of the Professional Standards at Level 1.

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