Leading Change in Healthcare Education

Our Spring Conference Leading Change in Healthcare Education took place at The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Regents Park, London on 21st March 2017. It was a very participatory affair with everyone from students to Deans getting involved. See the conference programme here. Some of the presentations are available to view in the members' area of the website here
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Our keynote speakers were Martin Hart, the GMC's Assistant Director of Education and Standards, and  Dr Penny Newman, Medical Director, NCHC and NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow. Professor Derek Gallen hosted the event in his role as President for the last time. In her closing remarks at the AGM, later in the day, incoming President Professor Jacky Hayden paid tribute to Derek's achievements on behalf of the Academy during his team time as leader. We are fortunate indeed that Derek will remain active within the Academy as a member of Council.  


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Poster presentations were excellent. The winners of the prize for best poster were students Jennifer Coventry and Thomas Growther from Cardiff University, for their poster Using the student body to promote the ‘#hellomynameis…’ campaign Coventry Grother 2 Grother Coventry 7
Cardiff Students and JB
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Ahmed Ali Zaid Ali 3 At the end of the conference the President, Professor Derek Gallen awarded new Membership and Fellowship certificates
Farrukh Ameer 2 Jagmeet Bhamra 2 Congratulations to (from left to right): Dr Ahmed Alamin Karar Ali MAcadMEd; Mr Zaid Ali MAcadMEd; Dr Farrukh Ameer MAcadMEd; Dr Jagmeet Bhamra MAcadMEd; Dr Sarka Moravcova MAcadMEd; Dr Talkad Sudarshana MAcadMEd; Professor Richard Withnall FAcadMEd 


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