Governance Structure

Governance structure

The Academy is a company limited by guarantee with Companies' House (company number 5965178) and is registered as a charity with the Charity Commissioners for England (charity registration number 1128988). It is governed by a council of trustees who are also the directors of the company. Members of Council are elected by the members of the Academy, with additional members appointed by Council.

Council comprises 25 members (23 elected, 2 appointed) including the President. honorary officers and chairs of committees and working groups are elected by Council drawn from their number. The honorary officers and Council set the strategic direction of the Academy.

Four standing committees currently advise Council in the areas of professional standards, educational activities, membership and early careers respectively. An Executive Committee (comprising the President, honorary officers, chairs of standing committees, and executive officer) is responsible for financial and administrative management of the Academy.

Council regularly establishes working groups and task & finish groups in particular areas, including accreditation, conference planning, international relations, prizes and awards, honorary fellowships, clinic excellence awards, research, policy, dental and veterinary education. 

The Academy employs an executive officer and administrative officer who manage the affairs of the Academy and ensure that Council's policies are implemented.  Staff are guided by Executive and in particular by the Deputy Chair of Council, Julie Browne, who until recently held the post of Honorary Chief Executive Officer.