Armorial Ensigns of the Academy of Medical Educators

Have you ever wondered what our coat of arms is all about?

 coat of arms 6000

The red and black of the arms represent pain and the unknown; the suns bring enlightenment from both sides.

The Supporters are two owls - a barn owl on the left and a little owl on the right. They both symbolise wisdom, the former being particularly British and the latter a symbol of Minerva, goddess of wisdom. They are both wearing stethoscopes. The barn owl is the student and the little owl, with a book under her arm is the teacher.

The ropes and knot represent the patient-teacher-student relationship.

The lion symbolises Britishness (a Scottish lion with an English face), and it is holding with care in its cupped paws a serpent, which in heraldry alludes to medicine. The Lion is standing on top of a gentleman's helmet whose wreath is made from leaves of the tree of Hippocrates at Kos, under which he taught his pupils the art of medicine.