AoME Insights

AoME Insights is a new series of webinars, workshops and panel discussions addressing topics of interest to our members and the wider medical and healthcare education community. 

We were absolutely delighted that the first event in the series on 23 November 2021 Tackling the imperative: Moving interprofessional education from the periphery to the core was so well attended, and the feedback coming in thus far is overwhelmingly positive with lots of ideas for future events. 

If you have suggestion for a topic you would like to see covered by AOME Insights, please get in touch. This event planning form will help you to structure a potential event and to ensure events meet the needs of our members by providing defined learning outcomes and meeting our strategic objectives.


Previous Events

23 November 2021: Tackling the imperative: moving interprofessional education from the periphery to the core. 

A stellar panel of experts give their views on how to move the IPE agenda forward, challenge thinking, and give stakeholders an opportunity to inquire and debate.  Full information and to view slides and an edited recording of the event click here