Proposed Federation of Healthcare Education

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Evidence has steadily accumulated that a broader approach to the preparation of all healthcare professionals is critical to their effectively working together in the clinical environment, including through the identification and incorporation into curricula of relevant collective competences. 

Interest in the scholarship, research, delivery and evaluation of UK Healthcare education has also expanded greatly over the last 50 years. This has led to the formation of several organisations which have catalysed many positive advances in the field. Healthcare education has rightly emerged as a complex, rigorous, and rewarding discipline in its own right. Organisations such as the Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE) have contributed greatly to the development of an academic foundation for learning and working together effectively.

Despite this, in recent years it has become apparent that, while each organisation continues to have a distinctive voice and value, there are areas of significant overlap in some areas of activity. In addition, the existing structural arrangements of these and other organisations do not facilitate or promote collaborative activity, such that it is difficult to identify, discuss, and respond to issues of common interest. As such, there are potential missed collaborative and influencing opportunities across the many facets of healthcare education.

Healthcare education also needs a strong and united voice if it is to have the necessary influence at national level to provide evidence for and secure the priority and resourcing required to further develop the systems of education and training across the healthcare professions, which will be essential in order to achieve a vision for the UK. We believe that this can be facilitated and supported by closer relationships between all such organisations, and the Regulators of the relevant professions. 

This consultation presents a model that would strengthen the professionalism, presence and authority of the community of healthcare education across the UK. Using a Federation model, it would connect educators across professions and provide an outward and influential face of a unified organisation for healthcare education. A full draft of the proposal is available at

We invite you to participate in this consultation survey.  Your ideas and suggestions are vitally important in helping us to develop an organisation that will serve patients, the public and its constituent members by improving healthcare education at all levels in the UK.

Please read the full proposal here . You can access the survey here

CLOSING DATE FOR RESPONSES: 5.00 pm Wednesday 20 September 2017

Academy of Medical Educators (AoME)

Association for the Study of Medical Education (ASME)

Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH)

Centre for the Advancement of Interprofessional Education (CAIPE)

National Association of Clinical Tutors UK (NACT) 

June 2017