Membership of the Academy of Medical Educators is open to all those involved full- or part-time in medical education, whatever their professional background or subject discipline. Any medical educator who is active in supporting learning of students or practitioners in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science, through research, teaching or management, may join the Academy.

Members and Fellows currently include: educational supervisors and clinical tutors, College Examiners, GP Trainers, veterinary and dental educators, medical school managers and senior administrators, biomedical and social science educators in medical schools, researchers in medical education. You do not have to be clinically qualified to join the Academy.

Membership applications are welcome from medical educators throughout the world.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Members' rates for attendance at the Annual Academic Meeting, Workshops, Masterclasses and Special Events
  • Tools and assistance for your professional development
  • Use of post-nominal letters
  • Opportunity to be a part of a growing body of like-minded educationalists
  • Opportunity to influence the future of medical education
  • Access to a network of medical educators at every level of your career progression

Download our Brochure on "Why you should Join the Academy?"

There are three membership grades available depending on your involvement and level of career development in medical education.

Membership – for all those who are professionally involved in medical education, at any stage of their career. Applicants for Membership must demonstrate commitment to medical education.

Fellowship – for those who are established in and have made contributions to medical education, and thus will be some way into a career in medical education. Applicants for Fellowship must demonstrate a broad contribution to, or significant achievement(s) in, medical education.

Members and Fellows are identified by the internationally recognised professional designations of MAcadMEd (Member of the Academy of Medical Educators) and FAcadMEd (Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators) signifying that they have successfully met appropriate professional standards for medical education practice and are committed to continuing professional development.

Members and Fellows vote in elections and may stand for office.

We have developed a Handbook for Applicants for Membership and Fellowship, which can be downloaded from here.

Associate Membership – for those with an interest in medical education but who may not be (or may not yet be) professionally involved.  This includes: early career medical educators working towards professional recognition; those who are involved in the education of other healthcare professionals (such as nurses, podiatrists, occupational and language therapists and other allied professions); or administrators and managers of medical education who wish to demonstrate their support for the Academy’s objectives. For those contemplating embarking on a career as a medical educator, the professional recognition obtained in joining the Academy and ongoing reaccreditation of your teaching will be useful to you in developing your career as a clinical educator and can be used in NHS appraisal discussions.

There are special rates of membership for those who are retired and for students.

In addition to the three grades of membership open to application, the Academy has two further grades of membership.

Honorary Fellowship – the highest award of the Academy, awarded by Council to exceptional individuals whose contributions are often internationally recognised and who have made a significant contribution to medical education. Nominations are sought from existing members. Click here for a list of current Honorary Fellows.

Foundation Membership – those who joined in the early years of the Academy.  Foundation Membership is no longer open to new applicants.

For more information about joining the Academy of Medical Educators and to obtain application forms, follow this link.