Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Educators

The Professional Standards are divided into Domains. Each Domain provides details of the knowledge, understanding and practice that underpin the roles of those involved in medical education. The Domains are divided into Levels that aim to facilitate progression of individuals throughout their careers. The Levels are used by AoME in helping to determine whether to award Membership or Fellowship.

Fellows have been working in medical education long enough and hard enough to have achievements in the field (sometimes internationally significant achievements) which they can demonstrate. The achievement demonstrated by Fellows generally exceeds Level 2 and substantial achievement is always at Level 3. However, it is recognised that few will achieve each element in the Domains at every level or some Domains at any level.

On being assessed by the Academy as worthy of Fellowship, Fellows may use the postnominals ‘FAcadMEd’

Please note that there are two paths with which you can apply for Fellowship.

  1. Fellowship For those who wish to demonstrateAchievement in all Five Domains of the Professional Standards.
  2. Fellowship For those who wish to show Substantial Achivement in a Single Domain of the Professional Standards.

Complete the online application form which will be sent onto the Academy. You will need to approach two referees to supply you with a reference. Both should be familiar with your work, and at least one should preferably be a  Member, Fellow or Foundation Member of the Academy. Ensure that your referees know which level of recognition you are applying for (Member or Fellow). If you are having difficulties identifying a member of the Academy to act as a referee, please contact us.

Ask your referees to read your application and the Guidance notes for referees. Then ask them to write the reference and return it to you. If they wish the reference to be confidential it should be placed in a sealed envelope. 

The application process takes approximately 3 months from the time your application is received to when you receive your results and feedback.

We have prepared a Handbook for Applicants which can be downloaded from the menu on left. This reinforces much of the advice which we offer in the Recognising Teaching Excellence workshops (see below), but there is no substitute for interactive learning with your peers!

Recognising Teaching Excellence Workshops

The Academy's Recognising Teaching Excellence workshops address individuals' career and accomplishments as a medical educator.  If you are a teacher, researcher or manager who is actively involved in the education of medical students and doctors, and if you care about improving your professional practice and developing your skills as a medical educator, then this course will offer you a constructive, confidential and structured environment in which to reflect on your portfolio of achievements and help prepare you to take the next steps in your career.  Many of our current Members and Fellows who have attended these workshops have found them hugely beneficial in the application process. We highly recommend them to all prospective members.

Click here for more information about Recognising Teaching Excellence Workshops and forthcoming venues.

For more information about joining the Academy of Medical Educators  please contact the Academy ‘s Admissions Administrator by email: applications@medicaleducators.org.